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3 Signs Your Tree Needs to Be Removed

As a homeowner, you may be wondering when a tree in your yard needs to be removed. This is a question that a lot of homeowners face. Emergency tree removals are sometimes a necessity, but emergency tree removals are normally only needed when a tree is close to causing some damage. You can get ahead of the problem by learning what signs to look for that indicate you need to have a tree removed in your yard.

1. Your Tree Is Damaged

A damaged tree doesn’t mean that emergency tree removal is the only option. According to the University of Maryland Extension, if a tree is damaged by 50% or more, then it will need to be removed. There are many causes for a damaged tree such as a storm, an insect infestation, or a disease. 

Not every damaged tree needs to be removed, but you should not make that decision on your own. Ask a professional tree company for their opinion before making the final decision. In some cases, you may be able to save the tree, but in other cases, it may be best to have it taken down.

2. Your Tree Is Leaning Suddenly

If you notice your tree is starting to lean to one side, it’s very likely you’re in need of emergency tree removal services. A tree that suddenly starts leaning to the side can be dangerous to your home, your property, and your neighbors around you. Every breeze is a threat to that tree and the safety of you and your neighbors. This is a serious sign that something is wrong and the tree needs to be removed before it comes down on its own.

3. Your Tree Has Dead Limbs

If your tree has a bunch of dead limbs that no longer produce leaves, this is a sign you need to have it removed or, at least, have the dead limbs removed. The term “widow maker” is often used to describe large dead limbs that are a potential threat to anyone standing around them. The tree expert you hire may recommend the entire tree is removed if there are many dead limbs. 

Any tree that’s a threat to your home or other structures should be removed from your property immediately. Falling trees and limbs is the number one storm-related cause of property damage. Give Everhart Tree Service a call today to discuss your tree removal needs with a professional.