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4 Facts You Should Know About Tree Services Before Getting Rid of That Tree

Trees are majestic organisms that serve as the lungs of our planet, providing much-needed oxygen to all living things. They help regulate the climate and provide habitat for wildlife. But there may come a time when you need tree removal services to maintain your property’s safety or well-being. If so, here are four facts you should know about tree services before getting rid of that tree!

1. Tree Removal Services Require Skill and Precision

Tree removal services are not as simple as just chopping down a tree. Tree removal requires professional equipment, highly trained workers, and a thorough knowledge of safety standards. Remember one wrong move, and there could be serious consequences, such as a tree falling in an unexpected direction or into a neighboring property. The last thing you want is a lawsuit because of a tree removal gone wrong.

2. Tree Removal Becomes Necessary for a Variety of Reasons

Sometimes, tree removal is necessary because the tree has decayed to the point where it poses a danger to people, property, or other plants around it. Other times, trees are removed to make way for construction projects or new landscaping. In other cases, trees may be removed as a preventive measure against drought or disease.

3. Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Serve Different Purposes

Tree trimming and tree removal serve different purposes. Tree trimming is the process of cutting tree branches to prevent them from growing into or rubbing against structures, such as your house or a power line. Pruning also makes trees look more aesthetically pleasing by reducing overgrown tree limbs. Tree removal is the process of cutting down a tree entirely. A tree trimming company can help you determine which tree care option is best for your tree.

4. The Removal Process Involves a Variety of Equipment

Removing a tree requires the use of specialized equipment that may include saws, axes, chippers, and wood splitters. These tools allow arborists to cut the tree into manageable pieces for removal from your property. In addition, if you need your tree stump removed after a tree has been removed, this too requires the use of specialized equipment.

Work with a reputable Tree Trimming Company

There are currently close to 82,000 businesses in the United States that operate in the tree services sector, according to Arborists Near Me. Whether it is trimming, pruning, or removal, a tree trimming company can help you determine which option is best for you. Call Everhart Tree Service today to learn more about our services.