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4 Benefits of Tree Trimming

You may not think much about those trees in your yard, but giving them some professional care and maintenance can make a big difference. According to The Arbor Day Foundation, you should prune or trim your trees once per year. This should occur during the dormant season, which can vary depending on the type of tree. Hiring a tree trimming company provides several advantages that are worth considering. Here are four benefits of tree trimming.

1. It Improves Tree Health

Keeping your trees trimmed helps them stay healthy and thriving for years to come. When a tree trimming business removes dead or diseased branches, it prevents decay and infection from spreading. Pruning also shapes the canopy to allow sunlight and air to better penetrate. Your trees will be sturdier and look more vibrant with regular trimming care. Proper tree health means you can enjoy all the benefits, like shade and beauty, that trees provide.

2. It Reduces Risk

Untrimmed trees can pose serious hazards, especially large limbs that hang over your home. Strong winds or heavy snow or ice can cause them to break and potentially damage your roof, vehicles, or worse. A reliable tree trimming company knows which branches are risky and need to be removed. They also spot hanging or cracked limbs that could fall at any time. With these possible dangers eliminated, you’ll have greater peace of mind.

3. It Makes Trees Stronger

Strategic trimming doesn’t just improve health, but it also strengthens trees. Much like exercise for humans, appropriate pruning encourages new growth and allows the tree to concentrate resources where they are most useful. Proper structural trimming also helps trees stand up better in extreme weather conditions like high winds. They become less likely to lose major limbs during storms.

4. It Prevents Other Issues

Many pesky problems can result when you neglect tree trimming. Overgrown trees often intrude on power lines, knocking out electricity during storms. They can also obscure street signs, sidewalks, and driveways, creating hazards for people passing by. Overhanging branches block sunlight from your garden and grass. Also, thick canopies filled with leaves make perfect homes for nuisance wildlife like mosquitoes, bats, and rodents that can find their way inside.

As you can see, there are so many excellent reasons to hire a professional tree trimming company to care for the trees on your property. When you get them trimmed regularly, you stay ahead of any problems and keep your landscape looking fantastic. Your home and yard both benefit when your trees are healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing thanks to consistent trimming. Call Everhart Tree Service today to schedule an appointment to have your trees trimmed.