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Tree Removal in Kansas City, MO

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Kansas City’s Experts in Tree Removal

Kansas City is home to many trees, both lining the streets and throughout nearby forested areas. These include vibrant Red Maples, native Eastern Redbuds, and the Missouri state tree, the Flowering Dogwood. These important plants provide not only beautiful visuals but also shade and improved air quality to local residents. Trees are a vital part of making urban landscapes livable and enjoyable.

However, sometimes it is necessary to request tree removal in Kansas City, MO. This may be because the tree is unhealthy, poses a risk to humans, or threatens the health of other trees or property. In these cases, we recommend calling Everhart Tree Service to evaluate the situation. We will inspect the tree in question and recommend a solution, whether that’s removal or a service like pruning designed to save the tree.

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Why Trees Need to be Removed

Tree removal in Kansas City, MO will only be recommended if necessary. You cannot remove a tree yourself, as it is incredibly dangerous, and you should only do this in collaboration with a licensed professional like those at Everhart Tree Service.

There are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed, including the following.


After a storm, the stability of a tree may be in question. For example, high winds may cause a tree to lean or partially expose its roots. Storms and the resulting aftermath are some of the most common causes of tree damage, and often the resulting tree removal is necessary for the safety of you, your family, and your property.

Encroaching Limbs or Roots

If your tree begins disturbing public infrastructure, like sidewalks or power lines, or it starts to disturb structures on your own property, you may need to call in Everhart Tree Service to get it removed. Usually, we recommend planning strategically and planting trees in locations a reasonable distance away from these features, but you can’t retroactively control where a tree that’s been on your property for decades was planted.

Structural Instability

Over time, trees can develop instabilities, identifiable by tree service professionals. We may suggest removing trees like these as a preventative measure, especially if we believe they could fall in future storms. This can be avoided in some cases by taking regular care of your trees and working with a tree service professional to trim and prune them on a seasonal basis.

Tree Health & Diseases

Trees may develop diseases that can spread to other trees in the area, like Dutch Elm Disease. Pests also can take hold. In some cases, it may even be required by the local government that you remove diseased parts of the tree. If the disease or pest spreads too much, you may need to get a full tree removal in Kansas City, MO.


Are you building an addition to your home or business? Trees may need to be removed to account for new construction. Sometimes this is simply necessary to support your goals of expansion.

How Tree Removal Works

In Kansas City, tree removal is a multi-step process requiring the assistance of qualified professionals. At Everhart Tree Service, we are well-versed in what is needed to get your trees the care they need:

Routine or Emergency, We Have Your Back

Everhart Tree Service offers both preventative and emergency tree removal in Kansas City, MO! Sometimes a tree threatens your safety, and it’s necessary to remove it ASAP. Do not hesitate to contact us, as we are available 24/7 for emergency support. If you work with us regularly, we will do our best to avoid emergencies in the future with preventative care.