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Storm Preparation & Cleanup in Kansas City, MO

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How to Care For Your Trees Before & After a Storm

Nobody wants to have to plan for storms, but it’s simply a fact of life. Trees are built to withstand a certain amount of severe weather, but as they age, they become vulnerable to structural instabilities and other problems which can leave them a target for high winds, heavy ice, and other byproducts of major storms.

At Everhart Tree Service, we are here for you with both storm prep and cleanup in Kansas City, MO. Storm prep will help you avoid problems when a major weather system hits. Preventative action can keep trees healthy, remove hazards preventatively, and improve your chances of avoiding emergency service after the storm. However, sometimes storm damage cannot be controlled, and you will need a reliable source for cleanup as well. With 24/7 emergency service, Everhart Tree Service is your best bet for support after a storm.

Common Weather Patterns in Kansas City

In Kansas City, we have a traditional four-season climate, with variable weather approaching different extremes depending on the season. In the spring and summer, tree damage is common with thunderstorms, rain, and wind. Summer heat also has the potential to impact your tree’s health, and increasingly, we are seeing drought conditions in previously rainy seasons.

Fall is likely the calmest time of year for your trees in terms of weather, which means it is a great time for maintenance ahead of the cold shock of winter. Ice and snow storms during December, January, and February can break weak branches and weigh down your trees. It is best to go into the season with stable, healthy trees by asking for storm prep in Kansas City.

What Storm Prep For Trees Entails

Storm preparation in Kansas City, MO consists of multiple potential services, all aimed at reducing the chance of future damage to your trees:

Elements of Storm Cleanup

Cleaning up debris in your yard after a storm can be stressful as well as dangerous. Count on pros, like the ones at Everhart Tree Service, to do the toughest parts of the job for you. We put safety top of mind when completing any service, which becomes especially important in the aftermath of a storm.

Emergency Service

Find someone who is available 24/7. At Everhart Tree Service, we have emergency hours for just this reason. Storm damage will only get worse over time, and your trees may need immediate attention.


A professional tree service company should survey your property and determine the best course of action. There may be dangers you cannot see for yourself, and there may also be solutions that do not require the full removal of a tree that has become a safety hazard.

Pruning for Safety

One of the most common services we will suggest post-storm is pruning, which can help remove branches that now lean, dangle, or hang precariously. There is also a chance we will recommend removing dangerous trees.

Recycling Debris

Your lost trees and branches don’t have to be completely lost. They can instead be recycled, turned into wood chips or logs and ready for future use.

Call us for help with storm cleanup in Kansas City, MO. We will respond as quickly as possible and provide dedicated, considerate care for your trees.