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Tree Care for Residential & Commercial Properties

Are you a resident of Olathe? Do you own or manage a local commercial property? Everhart Tree Service is ready to work for you, developing and caring for your trees. We are a tree service in Olathe, KS with over three decades of experience serving customers from many walks of life. We offer free estimates, as well as 24/7 emergency services to best serve the needs of the local community. Whether you live in Deerfield Park or Ridgeview, we will provide consistent access to knowledge and services to better care for your trees.

How to Find Quality Tree Service in Olathe

As you search for tree service in Olathe, consider your options with care, as a good provider will ensure your safety and provide plans intended to promote the growth of your trees over time. This can turn into a longterm relationship, if desired, which will allow your tree service provider to better understand the growth and health of your trees. Any tree service professional that’s worth working with should have the following qualifications.


A tree care professional must be licensed to practice successfully and reliably in Kansas. This licensing ensures a dedication to the field that also shows the company in question is committed to safety and education.


The intricacies of tree care take time to learn. Luckily, Everhart Tree Service has been in business since 1994, so with 30 years under our belts, we have seen the most common scenarios and understand how to nourish your trees.


A local tree service in Olathe will take pride in knowing and understanding the specifics of our native trees, as well as those most commonly planted as ornamentals. At Everhart Tree Service, we take pride in the trees of Olathe, including the fact that we are home to seven Champion Trees, the most out of any city in Johnson County. A Champion Tree is entered into a national register as the largest of its species in a particular region, determined by height, circumference, crown, and other factors.

How Tree Removal Works

Tree removal methods vary depending on the size and location of your tree. The first step is a free estimate and assessment of the tree. You may have an emergency on your hands, with a tree leaning toward your house after a storm. However, some tree removals are less urgent. Most are recommended only out of necessity; the last thing we want, as environmental stewards, is to remove trees from their environment.

When we move forward with the actual removal, our Olathe tree service crew comes to your home or business at the scheduled time, sets up our equipment, and begins cutting down the tree. We take proper precautions all around. The safety of our employees is top-of-mind, as well as the safety of you and your family. But, of course, we also want to make sure your property is not damaged during the process, down to the surrounding areas of the yard.

What is Stump Grinding?

Once we’re finished with the primary part of tree removal, we move on to stump grinding. This is the process by which a stump is ground into wood chips. We grind past the level of the soil, underground, and break up the roots. The resulting mulch can then be used to fill in the hole where the stump used to be, leaving you with a usable patch of land.

You may wonder why we don’t remove the whole root system as a part of stump grinding. This is because we would have to use harmful chemicals or excavate your yard to get rid of them entirely. While stump grinding takes longer to get rid of the roots, they will die over time and do so naturally.

Trimming vs. Pruning

Trimming and pruning are both critical tree services in Olathe, KS. They both involve cutting off branches and foliage but involve different tools and methods. They also have different goals. The aim of trimming is largely to improve the appearance of a tree, although this may coincide with health goals. It can shape a tree to fit a particular image, and it can be used to reduce the size of a tree that is outgrowing its space.

Pruning, on the other hand, focuses on the health of the tree. Strategic cuts are made to open up airflow and access to sunlight. Damaged, broken, or dead branches are removed. These processes encourage healthy growth in areas that improve structural stability.

Storm Prep & Cleanup: What to Expect

When a storm blows through, Everhart has your back, both before and after. If you’re thinking ahead, you’ll call us in the summer or fall, ahead of the icy winter season, and have us create a plan to support your trees before they become dangerous. If not, we’ll come in after a storm and clean debris, remove any dangerous trees, and suggest other services like pruning to remove hazards and repair your landscape. The extreme temperatures in Olathe range from a record low of -29 degrees to a record high of 114 degrees, so you can see the variability in temperature alone leads to the frequent chance of severe weather throughout the seasons.