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How to Prepare for Tree Removal

According to the University of Maryland Extension, a tree should be removed if 50% of it is damaged. However, there may be times when even a tree in good condition needs to be cut down. Whether you’re in need of emergency tree removal or simply don’t want a tree on your property anymore, a professional tree service can help. Here are the steps you should take to prepare for tree removal.

Look Into Legal Requirements

The first step in preparing for tree removal is to make sure you’re having the tree removed legally. Some states or cities may require you to adhere to certain regulations before cutting down a tree. The tree removal contractor you hire can help you navigate any legal requirements to ensure you don’t run into any trouble.

Notify Your Neighbors

After scheduling an appointment for tree removal, it’s important to let your neighbors know about it. The removal process can get noisy due to the machinery involved, and failing to notify your neighbors of your appointment in advance can create unnecessary conflict. Depending on the location of your tree, the removal crew may also need to enter a neighbor’s yard to access it, so it’s crucial to ensure that this will be possible ahead of time.

Plan for Power Interruptions

The tree removal process may interfere with your phone and internet lines, and it’s wise to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. You may want to call your service provider ahead of time to ensure they stay on top of any outages that may occur and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Clean Your Yard

Items like outdoor furniture, gardening tools, and toys can all make it difficult and unsafe for a contractor to remove your tree. Be sure to remove all of these things from your property before the tree-removal process begins. Additionally, clean up debris such as leaves and pet waste to eliminate tripping hazards.

Following the steps above will help ensure that the tree removal process goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re in need of emergency tree removal or want a tree removed for any other reason, you can rely on Everhart Tree Service for efficient service from experienced professionals. Contact us today for a free estimate!